From ecommerce and social networks, to fintech and artificial intelligence, Kennedy Ventures leverages our 15 years of experience and our network of clients and advisors to de-risk and accelerate innovation. We work fast, so our startup clients are constantly changing, but our values and mission stay the same: to maximize your impact and growth by optimizing your people, your product,  and your processes


We recognize that early stage startups don't always have access to the capital and resources they need to perform at their peak. So we select only a handful of clients at a time, and align our incentives - through creative and fair debt, equity, and revenue share agreements - to share in both the risks and the rewards. If you'd like to turbo-boost your startup, schedule an appoinment today. 


HR SaaS 

Tool for Teams

"We knew Kennedy Ventures would be a great fit from the initial consultation. I just a few months, we went from a simple idea to a complete 'investment ready' pitch. " 


Organizing Tool for Unions

"In just three innovation sessions with Kennedy, we refined the mission, developed a financing strategy, and revamped the pitch deck. We'll keep using KV"


Consumer Video Sharing App

"Wormhole did not get the user adoption or engagement we had hoped. Kennedy came up with a whole new strategic pivot that broke us out of our flatline. "


Analytics for


"Most consulting are all talk. But KV rolled up their sleeves and started working the very first week, asking the right questions and helping devlop the core value proposition. "

Aarini Consulting

Leaders in Digital Architecture

"Kennedy led the innovation team to develop and expand Aarini into new markets, and helped us aquire new business partnerships. We are eager to work with them again. "


Climate Impact  Analysis platform

"Scott was a huge help with financing and corporate structure. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his understanding of the mobile app market is impressive. "


SaaS Meeting Management 

"We needed more than just an investment; we needed someone who could help develop a complete outbound sales funnel, then produce materials to engage prospects. "


Digital Audio


"They showed us a way to finance our growth without sacrificing our equity. "

Your startup?


Collaborative Ideation Platform

"Kennedy Ventures offered us a remarkably affordable proposal, including access to their extensive partnership network. We highly recommend them. "


Food Market and Catering Service

"We brought in KV to go over our business plan and pitch materials, and we're very happy with the results. We recommend them to any new organization eager to stand out in a

crowded marketplace. "


Boat Rental Platform

"We worked with Kennedy through the Rockstart accelerator program, and the resulting focus and structure gave us a big strategic advantage over the other startups. "